configure. quote. order. machine.

Skooter is built to meet the needs of the build-to-order manufacturer and designed specifically to simplify how data moves from product design to delivery. Skooter’s services streamline data management, provides quoting, catalogue creation, and machine code from a single data source. It allows manufacturers to create data once in a Web based environment and populate that data across every stage of product development. It’s a system that allows manufacturers the ability to scale, without being locked into proprietary software all at a manageable cost.




Business process automation for build-to-order manufacturers

SimplifY product management & development

  • Create data once
  • Manage product data in either the design software or from the database without duplication
  • Create pricing and multiple levels of discounting and distribute as needed
  • Create catalogues for all of your sales channels and manage them from a single database

Get products to market faster

  • Design products with continuously validated product component data featuring materials, pricing and other cost data 
  • Generate quotes at the point of design
  • Save hours of switching from system to system manually inputting and verifying product data from design to production 
  • Create and publish product catalogues as frequently as needed while maintaining and removing dated product information
  • Better control your pricing and product data, as it pulls from the same data source


  • Manage data once from a single source
  • Export your data on an as needed basis across the entire work flow of your company
  • Manage disparate information needs without duplicating data
  • Provides a lasting record of user sessions and product changes 
  • Eliminates data duplication and human errors by distributing the needed data each department requires without recreating that data based on task specific software and that software’s requirements