web-based product data management FOR agile MANUFACTURing

configure> quote> build

Eliminate redundant data entry. Skooter connects your product data from initial Product Design to Engineering, Catalog Creation, Quoting, Order Processing and Production. 

Start with CAD models or spreadsheets, add configuration options and costs to create digital product catalogs. Configure products in 3D or conventional order entry to generate quotes, BoMs and CNC programs.



end-to-end automation for build-to-order manufacturers

simplifY product management and pricing

  • Create product data once.
  • Relational database unifies product maintenance.
  • Features, options and costs are managed centrally.
  • Pricing can be structured any way you want.
  • Create digital 3D product catalogs and distribute them on the Web.

Get new products to market faster and update product information in real time

  • Maximum reuse of CAD data reduces the time it takes to bring new products to market.
  • Save hours of manually updating product catalogs.
  • Push catalog updates to your customers instantly.
  • Design data is separated from pricing and options data, making 3D catalogs more secure and longer-lived between versions.

Reduce order and fulfillment

  • Eliminate redundant data entry in customer service and engineering.
  • Dynamically generate BoMs and CNC programs directly from your order data. No more handoffs.
  • One version of the truth. Quote and order data is entered once for access  across all functions.