FLOW lets you create product catalogs with configuration options and costs, generate quotes and export production data for manufacturing.

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  • Upload 3D models from MAKE
  • Manage configuration options
  • Create parametric costs for labor and materials
  • Create digital catalogs for LINK
  • Generate quotes via order entry or uploaded LINK design projects
  • Export manufacturing data for CNC machining and production

Managing Options

Options can include materials, door styles, drawer systems, hardware, laminates, edgebanding, extrusions, glass and just about any other product configuration option or variable.

The FLOW data structure is simple and flexible, allowing you to attach any number of attributes to an option, such as dimensions, color, finish, SKU, vendor and pricing per unit, linear or area measure.

Options can have options nested within them, for when an option requires the user to then choose a subordinate value to complete the configuration.

Managing Costs

Costs can be assigned to materials, machining operations, labor and any other cost. When a cost is changed it updates any product that uses that cost. Costs can be attached at any level in the catalog hierarchy, from an assembly to a sub-assemble, to a part or even just a hole.

Margins can applied to catalogs, products, assemblies, parts materials and operations.

Managing Catalogs

After Options and Costs have been attached to products, they can be published as 'Catalogs'. Each catalog can have multiple versions.

Generating Quotes

Quotes can be created by direct order entry in FLOW or from designs created in LINK. Quotes are parametrically generated based on the configuration of each product, based on the options and costs that have been defined in the catalog

Integration with LINK

LINK is a design extension for SketchUp that allows Sales Designers to download FLOW catalogs and use the 3D product models in design projects. In LINK the designer can insert 3D models into room layouts, using the configuration options that were defined in FLOW. When a design is ready to quote, the designer simply uploads the project to FLOW and a quote is automatically generated.

See more information about LINK here.

Managing Users and Quoting Templates

FLOW has user-level access control to support different user roles and activities within a company. Each user has access based on their roles and permissions. For example, customer service personnel can't accidentally change engineering data, and engineers can't change discounts on customer orders. Users can be assigned multiple permissions, for example a user can be both an Engineer and a Catalog Manager.

The quoting interface is customizable per catalog, so order and option fields can be presented according to catalog being quoted. For example, a cabinet catalog would have a set of order fields different from a door catalog. Likewise, each catalog can have its own customized PDF printing template to include company information, order notes etc.

System Requirements and Support

  • Any computer with a modern  browser
  • Operating System: Windows, MacOS or ChromeOS
  • Broadband Internet Access
  • Support included with LINK subscription