LINK lets designers use 3D catalogs to configure, quote and order.

Configure and Quote the Easy Way

  • Design using manufacturer catalogs
  • Create projects with multiple rooms
  • Insert and configure products
  • Upload to FLOW to generate quotes
  • Create dimensioned and annotated drawings for field installation

Project Manager

The Project Manager lets Sales Designers enter project information such as name, address, contact information and notes. Projects can contain multiple rooms. When a new room is added, the sales designer selects the catalog to use and a new SketchUp model is automatically created.

Download Product Catalogs

Sales designers can synchronize with FLOW product catalogs from inside of LINK. They simply check for catalog updates and choose the catalog they want to sync up.

Sales designers can insert product models into room layouts, configure the products for sizing, materials and any other option the manufacturer offers.

Generate Quotes from Your Designs

After a design is completed the Sales Designer uploads it to FLOW to automatically generate a quote. No more manually typing in order information or sending attachments. When the quote is approved the manufacturer has the order data needed for production.

Catalog User Administration

Manufacturers control who has access to their catalogs. The catalog system lets manufacturers manage catalog versions and preserves archives all old catalog versions.