The Simple Way to Engineer

$199 per month or $1,990 per year

Works with SketchUp
  • Create 3D models in SketchUp or import from other CAD programs

  • Add drilling, routing and edgebanding

  • Add hardware with machining

  • Export to generate CNC programs

  • Export to generate bills of material

  • Create professional shop drawings

  • Create animations and renderings


Model Products Fast, With or Without Parametrics

MAKE lets you engineer the way you build. Easily create machinable one-offs. Create product libraries with parametric and modular subassemblies. MAKE has a minimal tool set that's easy to learn. It's ideal for engineering cabinets, fixtures, displays, millwork, vehicle and boat interiors, and more.

Add Drilling, Routing, Hardware and Edgebanding

MAKE lets you add drilling, routing and edgebanding to parts with drag and drop simplicity. Add machining directly to parts, and inherit it to adjoining parts. Never misalign a dowel hole, dado or mortise again.

Import 3D Models from CAD and Solid Modeling Programs

MAKE lets you import existing data from AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor and other CAD programs. Scan parts for holes and automatically create drilling instructions for CNC machining in seconds.

Export CNC Machining Data and Bills of Material

When it's time for production just export to CAM and post-process to your machines. No messing around with toolpaths, DXF layers or edgebanding. All the information you need for production is in the export. You can also export CSV bills of material for spreadsheets and other programs.

Start with Our Component Libraries and Make Your Own

MAKE comes with a library of 3D components so you can get productive quickly. Use our models as they are, or as working examples to build your own. Millions of free SketchUp models are available on the web at SketchUp's 3D Warehouse.

Create Annotated, Linked Shop Drawings Using LayOut

Working in LayOut you can insert multiple viewports of your SketchUp model and add dimensions, annotations, hatching and bills of materials. When you change the SketchUp model you can update the graphics and tables. When you're done you can export PDF's and print shop drawings.

Easy to Learn, with Power Under the Hood When You Need It

Because we've kept the tool set deliberately simple, you can learn to use SketchUp and MAKE in a few days. And SketchUp Extensions let you add powerful scripts. There are hundreds of free scripts available on SketchUp's extension warehouse.