Skooter is software for agile manufacturing. Our applications streamline information flow from engineering to quoting and production. 

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From engineering to the CNC, MAKE helps get jobs into production faster.

MAKE is an engineering extension that works inside of SketchUp Pro, the easiest and most widely-used 3D modeling program in the world.

MAKE lets engineers easily attach machining operations to SketchUp components for CNC program generation.


Manage catalogs, configure products, generate quotes. All on the Web.

Skooter FLOW is a database for managing product catalogs with options and costs and generating quotes from configured products.

In FLOW you can create 3D catalogs, configure products, and generate quotes and machining data for CNC production.


Close business faster using LINK to create sales designs and quotes.

Skooter LINK works inside SketchUp Pro to provide product configuration, room layout and quoting at the point-of-sale.

LINK lets designers download 3D product catalogs, create design projects, configure products, and upload to FLOW for quoting.